A Chicago native, Alyssa returned in 2011 from a year abroad “finding herself”– i.e. experiencing self-imposed near-celibacy —  in London, England.

Whilst abroad, she learned how to spell properly, the correct time for a tea (any time), and how to drink heavily before 9 PM.  Alyssa also completed a Masters in Applied Theatre and acquired some super thighs during a 3 day, 280 mile cycling trip from London to Amsterdam.

Now cradled in the loving arms of her mother city, Alyssa writes creative nonfiction. She has also enjoyed performing her stories internationally and at home, including for 2nd Story, StoryClub, The Moth and others. Her work has been published in Creative Nonfiction (Magazine), Ohio Edit, Equilibrium Magazine (UK) and on A Practical Wedding. Her essay “Don’t Borrow Trouble” was listed as “Notable” in The Best American Essays 2015.

Alyssa also created a singular, badass piece of performance art called ScreamCoach, that she has performed in festivals at home and in the UK. You can find Alyssa’s more professional, teaching artist side at alyssasorresso.com and follow her more vulgar side on Twitter @tactless_grace.


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