Which one’s yours?

I came across this lovely picture today from an unknown source called Facebook:

Melts in your mouth, not in your hand.

Can I have these at my bachelorette party? What about the wedding?  I figure if we serve these babies (babies? not yet) at a dessert table but say nothing, the guests will fall into several categories:

1. confused (did they mean for them to look like vaginas?)

2. horrified (This can’t be an accident, I mean they look exactly like vaginas! And I think there are some that are bleeding! Disgusting.)

3. reluctant to try one because of arousal (I mean, I would eat one but, c’mon! It looks like a vagina!)

4. intrigued (Do they have different fillings?)

5. comedic relief (Hey honey, that one looks like you!)

6. pervy (Can I take home any extras?)

I’ve seen the penis cupcakes, but honestly, they don’t seem to have the same effect these vaginas do.  Perhaps it’s a size issue.



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