Technologically Inefficient

I had one of those days in technology land.

You know. Where NOTHING WORKS. And you want to throw your beautiful, very expensive MacBook Pro out the window (I didn’t mean it darling, I swear. I was just angry, I would never hurt you).

As I squatted underneath the desk in the quiet area of the library, struggling to get my laptop’s magnetic power source unplugged from the socket, I thought, “I am wasting valuable moments that could potentially be filled with productive work!”

I wasn’t really going to do any productive work after I fixed my technological problems.  I was going to stalk people on Facebook.  Write twitter updates.  Save drafts of emails I should have sent to friends long ago (isn’t that why there’s Facebook?).  I was going to use the addictive attributes of technology to distract me from one of its main purposes: increased productivity.

And as I angrily walked downstairs for the 4th time to the IT department, which smelled not-so-deliciously like fish, I thought, “Why am I so utterly dependent on technology for my work? How did I get this way? I feel so dirty.”

Technology wormed its way into my life.  From Atari to the Commodore 64, games like Cave of the Word Wizard and Where In the World is Carmen Sandiego? (bonus point if you know the theme song!), from the first time I sent an email and heard a modem ping, technology has lulled me into its gleaming, gaping maw.  Now I live inside the belly of the whale, not quite knowing the final destination, if Geppetto will save me, or if we will find a symbiotic relationship and live in harmony forever.

For now, my relationship to technology reminds me of this adorable kitten:

And just because I mentioned it:


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  1. Chicago to Czech-o-slo-vakia AND BACK!


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